4 Ways to Minimize the Cost of Divorce

Whether mediating or litigating your divorce, costs can escalate quickly, especially if you are facing a complicated settlement. There are some simple ways, however, to help keep the cost of your divorce down. Here are 4 of them:

Limit Email Communications

Communicating with any divorce professional by email can substantially increase […]

Should I File for Divorce? How Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders Can Protect Your Assets

Rarely are two people on the same emotional timeline for divorce. Statistically the person who initiates the “break” has thought about it for over a year.

The decision to file will also trigger a landslide of consequences that impact life on almost every level. One of the biggest areas of […]

When Is it NOT Okay to Give Your Paramour a Ferrari?

The laced thong, the Easter bunny costume, the Ferrari and the $1.8 million dollar Spanish-style duplex were not his to give away.

That’s what Shelly Sterling, estranged wife of disgraced Los Angeles Lakers owner Donald Sterling, asserted last month in her suit against her husband’s mistress, V. Stiviano. It is […]

Do You Need a Financial Professional for Your Divorce Mediation? Yes, You Do.

Whether litigated or mediated, a divorce financial professional should always be part of your team.

Recently, I attended an intensive, five-day interdisciplinary mediation training workshop. Of the 18 people in the workshop group, 14 were trial lawyers, 3 were mental health professionals, and I was the only financial professional.

The workshop took a […]

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Considering Divorce? Don’t Skip This Step Before You Call a Lawyer.

“Why would I meet with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA) before I contact an attorney?” Divorce can be something you have mulled over for a long time, or perhaps divorce was something that was not even on your radar. But regardless of how you arrived here, it stirs up […]